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March 2 Success
July 31, 2016 to December 31, 2017

Helping Members Succeed! 


How well a person does on a standardized test can have a great impact on their future.  March 2 Success was developed as a free, no obligation tool to help anyone improve their test scores in the areas of English, Math and Science.  March-2-Success is designed for a current or recently graduated high school student who wants to do better on standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, and the ASVAB. 


The Army has made this program available to members of DeMolay and Rainbow.  Access to this program is already on the website, under the "Members Area," or by clicking here.


What is March 2 Success?


It is an online, interactive way to hone test-taking skills and to solidify knowledge in English and Mathematics.  The program contains hours of interactive lessons, practice tests and drills. The website also includes links that students can use to find out more about college admissions and even the Army.  (Any information shared with the Army is optional on the part of the user.)  The program uses the same coursework available to commercial customers of Peterson's Testing Services and has other educational options.  The program will create a free account when signing on.  Anyone, as long as they are at least 13 years of age, can enroll. 


The Army is providing this service as a public service.  There is no charge to the student or to DeMolay and/or Rainbow.

March is DeMolay Month
March 06, 2017 to March 31, 2017

DeMolay International

March DeMolay Month

This March YOU could win an exclusive NINTENDO SWITCH!

Greetings from the DeMolay International Congress Rush Committee!  March 2017 is DEMOLAY MONTH and the theme is “Tradition of DeMolay.” During DeMolay Month we celebrate the traditions we honor as members of the world’s best youth organization; leadership, service, and character, and the list goes on!

DEMOLAY MONTH provides opportunities to earn and win great prizes for sharing the traditions of DeMolay!


Membership Contest

Members can earn rewards for growing membership as a First Line Signer 

(ALERT! New members must be registered and paid to be considered.)

For 1 new member: Official DeMolay Poster  

For 3 new members: Official DeMolay Month Shirt

And an entry into a drawing to win the exclusive….


Increase your chances to win! 

For every 1+ new member, you sign after 3, you will get one extra entry! At the end of the month, we will draw and the winner will win (1) Nintendo Switch!

THE DRAWING WILL BE LIVE on Facebook April 10, 2017. 

Don’t miss the chance to share the brotherhood and win this awesome new game experience!

Other fun DEMOLAY MONTH activities include:

Senior DeMolay Weekend (March 10-12th)

Members post about YOUR favorite Senior DeMolay (can be any Senior DeMolay from famous alumni to an advisor you look up to.)  Senior DeMolay’s post about what DeMolay has done for you in your life.   Plan a Reunion Event – Hold a chapter/jurisdiction event to gather for fellowship and invite Senior DeMolay alumni to attend!  Use the event as a chance to reconnect and recruit for new Advisors.

Weekend of Remembrance (March 18th/19th)

Hold a Devotional Day with your chapter or jurisdiction, and observe the memory of Jacques DeMolay.

Brotherhood Weekend (March 25/26th)

Hold a fun event, induction event, etc. honoring the bonds of brotherhood in DeMolay and flood social media with your favorite DeMolay memories.

DeMolay Shirt Day (EVERY Wednesday in March)

Don’t hesitate to do this every day!

Social Media

Post pictures of ALL of your DEMOLAY MONTH activities! Be sure to use our designated DEMOLAY MONTH hashtag #WEAREDEMOLAY to unify your social media presence with DeMolay brothers around the world.

We had a very successful RUSH Month in November, where we welcomed 260 Brothers! The DeMolay International Congress Rush Committee is so excited for DEMOLAY MONTH March 2017 and for the chance for you to share the traditions of DeMolay with others. The possibilities are endless and we look forward to seeing DeMolay grow! If you have any questions, please send to rushdemolay@gmail.com.


The DeMolay International RUSH Committee

Brennan Parken (OK) – Chairman

Ukiah Camp (MO) – Co-Chairman

Eric Dye (PA) – Co-Chairman


Pacific Chapter Installation
March 12, 2017 to April 02, 2017

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