Countdown to Conclave 2017
7PM, Friday, May 26th, 2017
Kah-Nee-Ta Resort, Warm Springs, Oregon

State Paintball
April 27, 2017


Two New Jurisditions
April 25, 2017

Grand Master Bill Sardone announces the creation of the newest Jurisdiction within DeMolay International, Baja California. Baja California is a Mexican state on the Baja California Peninsula, bordering the U.S. state of California.



 Grand Master Bill Sardone announces the creation of the newest Jurisdiction within DeMolay International, Argentina. Sharing the bulk of the Southern Cone with its neighbor Chile to the west, the country is bordered by the DeMolay Jurisdictio…


Conclave Registration
April 25, 2017

2017 Conclave will be held May 26th-29th at Kah-Nee-Ta Resort in Warm Springs, OR.

All Three forms below must be completed, signed, and turned in with your Payment to your chapter advisor


Registration forms can be found here

Oregon Media Release Forms Can Be found Here

Oregon Release and Consent Form can be found Here

Remember, this year you can pay in installments thru the web page. Just click on the "Make Payments to Oregon DeMolay" button on the left side. Then cl…


March 2 Success
March 24, 2017

Helping Members Succeed! 


How well a person does on a standardized test can have a great impact on their future.  March 2 Success was developed as a free, no obligation tool to help anyone improve their test scores in the areas of English, Math and Science.  March-2-Success is designed for a current or recently graduated high school student who wants to do better on standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, and the ASVAB. 


The Army has made this program available to memb…


Upcoming Events

2017 Conclave
April 25, 2017 to May 29, 2017

State Paintball
April 27, 2017 to May 14, 2017


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