Letter from SMC Van Anda

Brothers and Friends,

Congratulations, we have made it through Summer. This summer, Oregon DeMolay accomplished a lot. Together, we resurrected an event that had been only talked about by advisors and senior DeMolay; the Outdoor Degree. We put it on together and it truly was an awesome night filled with brotherhood and near perfect Ritual. Accompanying that was the beautiful Ceremony of Light performed by Brother Gabe Negrone of Pacific Chapter.

In addition, we once again had our Weekend of Friendship and Brotherhood at Sutton Beach Campgrounds. In my opinion, it truly was a weekend full of meeting new friends and bonding over the brotherhood that we all share. If you have any feedback about WOFAB, please forward it on to the office at office@oregondemolay.org.

With all the other events hosted by the state and especially the events hosted by the Chapters, each and every member of Oregon DeMolay should be proud.

As we move into September and most of you start school once again, I highly encourage you to use the opportunity of school to bring more brothers into the fold. Never will there be a better chance to increase our membership than that which you have during the school year. If you ever need any recruitment help or have questions about the best ways to talk to your friends about DeMolay, please do not hesitate to contact the State Officers, I promise that we are experts in it.

I want to take this opportunity to remind the Councilors of all the Chapters about our upcoming Councilors Summit on September 24th. It will be hosted at Washington Masonic Lodge (3612 SE 52nd Ave, Portland, OR 97206) from 11 AM to 4 PM. Lunch will be provided. It's going to be an amazing event full of learning and discussions about DeMolay in Oregon. This is your opportunity as a Chapter Councilor to discuss the issues and wonders of DeMolay with us State Officers, so it is important to attend or at least send 3 representatives from your Chapter.

Once again, congratulations on the amazing year we are having so far, I look forward to seeing that continue throughout the remainder.


Thank you,


Douglas J. Van Anda

State Master Councilor

Oregon DeMolay

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